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Tips on handling Christmas anxiety

Posted by Scott Simonsen on Dec 19th 2018

With Christmas less than a week away, here are some helpful tips to get through the holidays:

1. No one can do everything, so prioritize what you enjoy. If it’s cooking, perhaps focus on that; if you’re artistic,concentrate on decorations; if you're sociable, make time for friends and family. But don’t attempt it ALL!

2. Delegate, share and scale down tasks – plus, for the sake of sanity, forego some things completely.

3. Allow yourself to make compromises – think two trees, not five, or whatever your equivalent.

4. Shopping malls and supermarkets seem almost designed to bring on panic attacks – all those bright lights and people and beeping tills. When you can, shop online from the comfort of your home (there are alternatives to Amazon if you want them) and don't beat yourself up if one or two presents arrive late.

5. Don’t rush at everything. Take time to stop and appreciate the moment, and breathe. When you’ve put up the tree, sit in the quiet and dark and admire the lights, for instance.

6. Remember it’s OK to ask for help.