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What if an ornament breaks? does its best to ensure that all ornaments are carefully packaged for their trip to eager customers. Sometimes there is the occasional parcel that may be handled a little too rough during its journey. If you are in any way not satisfied and need a new ornament, we will gladly ship out a replacement immediately, but you need to let us know right away. It is our duty at to make sure every customer ends up with a smile on their face!

My tracking number says my package was delivered, but it was not.  What do I do?
This happens quite a bit during the Christmas season.  The USPS is so busy during this time that they will often mistakenly scan something as delivered when in reality it was just arriving at their post office.  The best thing to do is wait a day or two.  99% of the time it will get delivered.  If a few days go by, bring your tracking number to your local post office and see if they are holding it there.  If you are in an apartment complex, check with your Office Manager as they might have it if the package was too big for your mailbox.

Can I add a pet to an ornament that isn't advertised as something that I can add a pet to?
In most cases, the answer is YES!  It all depends on the surface of the ornament and whether or not we can glue a pet to it.  If you have an ornament in mind that you want to add a pet to, click here to go directly to the Product Page for adding pets.  Please see the Description tab on the Product Page for complete instructions on adding a pet to your ornament.

How long will it take to receive an ornament?
The time it takes to get to you depends on the delivery method you choose. All orders ship from Washington State. Average processing time for your order is 1-3 business days. If you are having us ship standard US Mail, then you need to allow another 2-5 days once it is shipped.  If you provide your email address in the Check-Out screen, your shipping information and a link will be sent to you. Simply click on the link to track your order.  

How much are shipping and handling charges?
Orders over $60 will ship for FREE (US orders only). Orders that total $29.99 and under are $5.95. Orders between $30 and $59.99 are $6.95 to ship. Anything shipping to Alaska or Hawaii will ship via USPS, as well as all P.O. Boxes, US Territories, and Military Bases. UPS Ground, 2-Day Air, or Next-Day Air cannot be selected for these destinations. International orders (including Canada) over $60 do not qualify for Free Shipping.

What is a European Union (EU) VAT?
Prior to July 1, 2021, no VAT (Value Added Tax) fees were required for commercial goods valued up to 22 euros (approximately $26).  Goods valued at 22 euros or less were able to be shipped into EU countries with no additional fees required for buyers.

After July 1, 2021, all goods imported to the EU valued at up to 150 euros (approximately $178) will be subject to VAT and items valued at more than 150 euros will be subject to VAT and duties. VAT rates are different for each EU country based on the service and type of product being delivered, with most VAT fees ranging around 20% of the total cost (sales price plus shipping).  Please note that does not collect VAT from our customers.  Because of that, it is the buyers responsibility to pay the VAT before they receive their order.  We realize this is an inconvenience to our European customers, but we are not equipped to collect VAT at the time of Check-Out.

Do you have a newsletter or mailing list?
Yes. You can sign up on our homepage on the left side to make sure you are subscribed. Also if you have ordered from us in the past you are subscribed. We don't sell your name to anyone. We send out a few emails during our busy season with specials and promotions. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Do you ship international?
Yes, but shipping rates outside the United States will vary. Please see our international page for details.

Do you offer gift wrapping?
No, but we do offer gift bags and gift cards for only $1 each. You have the option to purchase these once an ornament is added to your Shopping Cart.

Is my information secure?
Yes. To verify that you are using a Secure Server, simply look for the symbol of a locked "padlock" at the bottom of your browser software. This symbol should be displayed on the page where you are asked for your credit card information when you "Check-Out" of Critical information on this page, such as your credit card, is encrypted so that nobody will be able to access your information. When you send us your order, your credit card is immediately submitted for authorization. The entire transaction is encrypted and is processed automatically.

What are the ornaments made out of?
Our ornaments are made out of clay or resin. None of our ornaments are made from dough.

Do they require any special storage?
No, just a safe place to hibernate until next year!

How much can I have written on an ornament?
We generally write anything a customer requests within reason. Please keep in mind we wouldn’t be able to fit “American Business Communications” on the small hat of a snowman. If a request cannot fit in the space provided, we will contact you for a revision.

Can I put a different year on the ornament?
Absolutely! Simply mark "No" when asked if you want the current year added to your ornament. In the Special Instructions box, tell us what year you want us to write instead.

What do you suggest for a family last name is that is already plural?
We suggest you just put "The Hines Family" instead of The Hineses as that doesn't look correct even though it is. Or just put "Hines". Also there is no apostrophe when you are putting the family last name. It should be "The Simonsens", not "The Simonsen's". We will make the necessary adjustments to make it correct and look good.

Can you change the color of an ornament?
We’re sorry, but the colors on any of the ornaments (including uniforms and hair color) cannot be changed.

I received my order, but I spelled a name wrong. What do I do?
We all make mistakes. We will often double check names with our customers if we think you have mis-typed it. If you do get an ornament with a misspelled name, and it was done correctly from your order, we will try to fix it for you if you send it back to us. Please email us ahead of time as there are some ornaments that cannot be fixed. If we do fix your ornament there is a $3 charge to send the ornament back to you, but no charge for us to fix the ornament.

Can I have something written on the back of an ornament?
Unfortunately, we cannot write on the backs of the ornaments. Many of the backs are not meant to be written on and the pens don't take well to them.

Can I add a pet to any ornament?
All of the ornaments that we have the option of adding a pet are listed in the subcategory called Families with Pets, which you can find in the Family Ornaments category. If you have your heart set on adding pets to an ornament that is not in that subcategory, send us an email with your request and we'll let you know if we can do it.

Do you offer discounts on large orders?
Yes, we offer discounts on orders of 100 or more ornaments. Please contact us for details.

Do you offer wholesale?
We do not offer wholesale at this time.