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Personalized Skiing Ornaments

You finally reach the top of the ski lift and your heart starts to pound.  Part of it is excitement, the other part is nerves.  You've seen the mountain run on your way up, but it all looks different now.  Now it is real.  You step off the chair lift and away you go!  The slopes are full of fresh powder and you immediately start slashing your way to the bottom of the mountain.  They don't call this run "7th Heaven" for nothing!  Whether you prefer downhill or cross-country skiing, we’ve got you covered with a blizzard of personalized skiing ornaments!

  • Personalized Yellow Snowmobile Christmas Ornament


    It's time to rev up that engine and start blazing some trails! If you love the thrills of zooming through the trails, or even flying over frozen lakes, then this personalized Christmas ornament definitely needs to find the trail to zip up your tree this...

  • Personalized Skiing Family - 3 Christmas Ornament


    It's time to hit the slopes for a fun-filled family ski vacation! If you love to take your family up to the mountains every chance you get, then your Christmas tree just can't do without this personalized ornament! It may not quite take the place of...

  • Personalized Happy Ski Couple Christmas Ornament


    Ski Lodge--here we come! This happy ski couple survived the slopes, and now they have their eyes set on getting warm with some hot chocolate! Either that, or they are just happy that nobody made fun of their green and pink skis! This personalized...