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Personalized Mechanic Ornaments

Your day is starting off like a nasty joke.  Your car is knocking, sputtering, and blowing smoke.  You quickly dial up your trusted mechanic, and he quickly eases your mind of all its panic.  He tells you to drop on by and he will fix your car on the fly.  You thank him for being there and working fast like a bee, and you promise him that he'll have a new personalized Mechanic ornament this year for his tree!

  • Mechanic Under Car Hood


    Thank goodness there are mechanics in this world that know how to fix our cars! Who else would be able to figure out what to do once the hood is popped open? Honestly, why do people even both opening the hood if they don't know what they are looking...

  • Mechanic Tire with Hanging Wrench


    If only being a mechanic was as simple as knowing what a tire and wrench are. For most, that is still asking a lot! Thankfully, there are great guys and gals that know how to fix our cars from the inside out! If you have a trusted great mechanic in your...