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Personalized Pet Ornaments

  • Personalized Kid with Hamster Cage Christmas Ornament


    Hamsters probably have the coolest habitat in the entire pet world! You can choose to make it wind all throughout your child's bedroom, or keep it simple with just a hamster wheel and a single cage. Just be sure and put the brakes on that wheel at...

  • Personalized Kid with Aquarium Christmas Ornament


    Having an aquarium full of fish is one of the first tests of responsibility that your child will have in owning their own pet. If they can be responsible enough to not overfeed the fish, then they are ready for anything! This a great gift idea for the...

  • Personalized Kid with Bird Cage Christmas Ornament


    Birds are one of the first pets that your child will experience in teaching them about responsibility. If your child has proven that they can clean the cage, replenish the water, and feed their winged pets, then this personalized Christmas ornament is a...

  • Personalized Kid with Bunny Hutch Christmas Ornament


    Aren't these bunnies adorable? Having a bunny hutch is one of the first highlights that kids have as being a responsible pet owner and it's a memory that will always stay with them. If your child has pet bunnies, then this personalized Christmas...

Are you having trouble finding a personalized Christmas ornament for the smaller pets in your family?  In this category, you will find gifts for Hamsters, Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, Lizards, Reptiles, Fish, and Birds!  Basically, any pet that you don't put a collar on!  Just because your pet doesn't purr or bark, it doesn't mean they don't want to see their likeness on your Christmas tree this year!  Whether you have exotic birds, Rabbits, or tropical fish, you will find what you need in this category.