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Personalized 1st Christmas Ornaments

There is always a 1st Christmas for something.  It could be the new baby boy you welcomed to your family, or maybe a new baby girl that your neighbor just brought home.  Maybe this was the big year where you finally tied the knot and want to add a personalized Wedding ornament to your first tree together.  Did you buy your first home?  This is also the category for that as well!  Oh, and don't forget the new grandma and grandpa.  Being a new grandparent is a very exciting time and we have a great selection of personalized Christmas ornaments for new grandparents that they can proudly show off to their friends.  So, if you're looking for anything from a new pregnancy to a special anniversary, you've come to the right place!

Featured Ornaments

Customer Favorites

2020 Baby Boy


If you ushered in your new baby boy in 2020, then you certainly must have an ornament that indicates that! Don't forget that spoiling your baby with cool stuff like this starts at birth! This personalized Christmas ornament will make a perfect addition...

2020 Baby Girl


If you welcomed a new baby girl in 2020, then you certainly need a personalized new baby ornament that announces to the world that your baby is here! Don't let the grandparents beat you to this. It's your job to spoil your baby girl, not theirs! This...

Brick House Couple


What a house! This couple is starting off things just right with this beautiful new home! Not only beautifully decorated for Christmas, but it's a home that will bring happiness for years to come! 4.5" tall x 3.5" wide. Made from resin.

Baby Boy in Crib


As experienced parents, we offer this little bit of advice. Enjoy the days where your baby actually stays in the crib! It can get a bit scary when you walk into your baby's room and find him repelling down the bars to the floor! This personalized crib...

Baby Girl in Crib


How cute is a baby girl in her fancy crib? Let's just say that it's pretty adorable--until she starts climbing out of it! When that happens, you know you either have a future Olympic gymnast on your hands, or you have a major trouble-maker! Show your...

Red Door with Peak


If you bought a new home this year, or you just happen to have the cutest house in the neighborhood, then this personalized Christmas ornament will fit in perfectly on your tree this season. If you're buying this because you have the cutest house on the...

Baby Carriage - Boy


Wouldn't it be nice if we can have this much control over our children for more than a few months? Before you know it, the baby carriage is being traded in for a new car! Enjoy it while it lasts with this personalized Christmas ornament that will make...

Baby in Carrier - Boy


Don't you just love the baby carriers that clip right into your car? It makes you never want to take your baby boy out of that thing! Too bad parents can't clip the carrier into a feeding machine and toilet as well! If you have a new baby boy, then...

Baby in Carrier - Girl


Don't you just love these fantastic baby carriers that clip right into your car? With that kind of flexibility, you never need to even take your baby out of that thing! Too bad parents can't clip the carrier into a feeding machine and toilet as well! ...