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Some of you may not admit it, but everyone loves to get pampered.  Being pampered on vacation is one thing, but if you incorporate it into your daily lives as well, then a personalized pampering Christmas ornament is a great way to pamper yourself yet again!

  • Hair Mirror with Lights


    Help! My hair has fallen, and I can't tease it up! How would we ever get through life without our hairdresser? This personalized Christmas ornament makes a great gift for that special artist who always has time for your emergencies! 2.25" tall x 3...

  • Hairdresser Essentials


    Everything you need to create the perfect masterpiece. A hair dryer, brush, and a curling iron. Of course, the real wizard behind the masterpiece is your hairdresser. Show you genius with scissors how much you appreciate her with this thoughtful...

  • Red Mirror with Dryer and Scissors


    Everything your favorite artist needs to make you and your hair look like royalty! If your hairdresser is someone that you literally can't do without, then this thoughful personalized Christmas ornament will make a great gift this season. Note: You...

  • Make-up Kit with Nail Polish


    Is your daughter hounding you to wear make-up? Well, look no further than here! This personalized Christmas ornament may just be the perfect baby step toward the real thing! She'll be so thrilled with it, that it may buy you another year before she...

  • Pink Nail Polish


    You can't manicure nails without a fine bottle of polish! The polish on this ornament is so realistic that even your favorite professional may try to use it! This personalized Christmas ornament makes a great gift for your trustworthy nail doctor! ...

  • Spa Girl


    It's a darn good thing that the significant others don't see this phase of the spa treatment! On the other hand, it might be good to show him all the trouble you go through to look as good as you do! This personalized Christmas ornament also makes a...

  • Spa Girl with Green Letters


    Prepare to be spoiled! If you can hang out at the spa all day and have no problem forgetting all about the real world that you live in, then this personalized Christmas ornament is a must! At a minimum, it will have you at least thinking about your...