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Anchors away!  Whether you like sailing or racing across the lake in a power boat, we’ve got a selection of personalized boating ornaments that really hit the mark.  We even have a decorated anchor for you to enjoy, but be careful not to throw it overboard!  These make great gift ideas for water skiing and fishing as well.

  • Kayak with Banner


    This kayaker appears to have hit some rough water! Whether you enjoy kayaking down a raging river, or just leisurely paddling around your local lake, this personalized Christmas ornament captures the beauty and tranquility of being out on the water. 4"...

  • Yellow Kayak - Female Blonde


    Whether you're relaxing on the water or shooting down the rapids, this personalized kayak ornament is the perfect way to show off your hobby! Just do us a favor and watch out for those huge boulders in the middle of the river! 3.5" tall x 3.75" wide...

  • Yellow Kayak - Female Brown


    With a smile that big, this kayaker either just made it through the rough rapids alive, or she's just trying out her new kayak in her swimming pool! If kayaking makes you this happy, then please find a way to steer this ornament toward your tree this...

  • White Anchor with Christmas Lights


    We're not so sure that wrapping Christmas lights around an anchor that will eventually be in the water is such a good idea, but it's the holiday thought that counts! At least the fish will be able to enjoy a split second of holiday cheer before they're...

  • Sailboat with Red, White, & Blue Sail


    Lift that motor and set those sails! There is nothing more relaxing than cutting through the open sea with nothing but the beautiful scenery and the wind at your back. Unless, of course, the wind dies suddenly and you're stranded forever! This...