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Personalized Family Ornaments for large families

With a family of ten, you might often feel like you’re entering the lion’s den!  On the other hand, family gatherings usually turn out grand!  These personalized Christmas ornaments for large families make excellent gifts for the entire clan!  Personalized ornaments for lots of people also make great gifts at family reunions, or maybe with a specific group of friends at a class reunion.

  • Family Tree with Leaves


    This personalized family ornament is just what you need to hang your family tree on your actual tree! You can choose to have us write just a few names, or up to ten! Please note that the number of leaves on this ornament is permanent, so if you have...

  • Red Stockings with Optional Pets - 10


    Now here is a situation that is sure to set Santa's nerves on fire! Not only is there a change of major burns to his rear end, but he's got ten stockings to fill! This personalized family Christmas ornament is great for large families. Just be sure to...

  • Penguin Family Around Heart - 10


    Now this is a lot of penguin love! If you have a large family that loves to waddle together around the holidays, then this personalized Christmas ornament for a large family is just the thing you've been looking for! 4.25" tall x 3" wide. Made from resin...

  • Brown Bear Family with Heart - 10


    Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? I See a Super-Large Family of Ten Looking at Me! If you have an enormous family that is just stumbling out of the family den after a long hibernation, then this personalized Christmas ornament is the perfect...

  • Christmas Tree House Family


    Just how big is this treehouse you might ask? Well, it's big enough to fit up to 11 family members! The real question, though, is how much weight can this tree actually hold? Go ahead and add this personalized Christmas ornament to your tree this year...

  • Christmas Mittens on Hooks - 10


    Oh, no! The kids have lost their mittens! If you have a big family, then you surely have many broken pairs of mittens. If that is the case, then this personalized Christmas ornament is the answer to all your problems because it only takes ONE mitten to...

  • Candy Cane Family - 10


    What can possibly be sweeter than a large family on a candy cane? How about a family on TWO candy canes! That's right, the sugar is doubled up on this candy-loving family just in time for Christmas! If your family loves to load up on sweets, then this...

  • Festive Snowman Family - 10


    The warm smile this snowman family is displaying may bode well for their happiness this holiday season, but it could spell doom if they start to melt! Help this family out by placing them next to the icicle lights on your tree this year! 3.75" tall x 5...

  • Snowball Fight Family - 10


    Run for cover! There is nothing like a friendly family snowball fight to kick off the winter festivities! This fun-tastic personalized Christmas ornament will bring smiles and laughter to your Christmas tree each year. Just be sure you don't exclude...

  • Happy Snowman Family - 10


    There is only one reason this large family is smiling. They're all very thankful they're made of snow and don't require much to get them through the day. Well, they need to be constantly cold, but that is an entirely different issue! This personalized...

  • Hot Chocolate Family Mug


    There is so much love in this personalized Christmas ornament that all of these marshmallows are about to melt into the hot chocolate! There are lots of options with this ornament. It's a great idea for grandparents with all their grandchildren, or...

  • Long Stocking Couple


    Now here is a Christmas stocking that you and your significant other can get lost in! This concept especially works well if you have kids that you are trying to hide from! This personalized Christmas ornament is great for couples that love to super-size...

  • Family Christmas Tree


    The perfect personalized Christmas ornament for the large or small family! Show off the crew by hoisting this gem to the top of your tree! Also great for grandparents to display all of their grandchildren. 5" tall x 3.5" wide. Made from resin.

  • Snowman with Large Blanket


    We're not exactly saying that a blanket is a great thing for a snowman, but it's definitely a great way to show off all your friends and family to the world! Just be sure to keep the room nice and cool so you don't have a catastrophe on your hands! This...

  • Snowman Couple with Blanket


    We're not exactly saying that a blanket is a great thing for a snowman couple, but it's definitely a great way to show off all your friends and family to the world! Just be sure to keep the room nice and cool so you don't have a catastrophe on your...