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× - Personalized Hobbies Christmas Ornaments

We all need a hobby to keep us going for the rest of the day.  For many of you, your children are your hobby, but we have so much more to choose from than that!  Whether you love arts and crafts, scrapbooking, or even skydiving, you will find the perfect personalized Christmas ornaments for hobbies in our store.  In fact, searching for the perfect ornament is a hobby in itself--and we even have an ornament for that!  This is the perfect category for the recently retired as browsing through all of these hobbies will give you some ideas on how to fill your day!

Featured Ornaments

Customer Favorites

Card Shark Poker


Do you know a poker player that always seems to wipe everyone from the table? If so, then this personalized poker ornament will make the perfect gift. Actually, you should use this ornament as your ante and let your Card Shark win it from you! 3.5" tall...

Craft Project Boy


Yikes! What a mess! The important thing to remember here is this young crafter is gaining valuable wisdom in the art world--while the parents are learning how to remove paint stains from the carpet! This personalized Christmas ornament makes a great...

Family Game Night - 3


Enjoy your family game nights while your family is young and small, because when your family grows larger, the dice will certainly hit the wall! If your family of three loves to get together for a quiet game night, then enjoy it while you can with this...

Gone Hunting Sign


Every hunter would love to be able to permanently hang this sign up in their office! If you have a guy in your life that constantly daydreams of when and where his next hunting adventure will take place, then this personalized Christmas ornament will put...

Hunting Display


All the things you need for a good day of hunting! Obviously, a nice deer or duck would add to the collection, but that part is up to you! This personalized Christmas ornament makes a great gift for the hunter in your family! 2.5" tall x 5" wide. Made...

Online Shopper Clutter


Does the scene in this ornament look familiar? This ornament is an online shoppers dream, or worst nightmare, come true! Why brave the malls when you can do everything from the comforts of home, right? The best thing about this personalized ornament is...

Selfie Male


It doesn't seem like all that long ago when we had to go up to total strangers and ask them to take your picture! If you have kids that spend a majority of their time on their phone taking "selfies" then this personalized Christmas ornament will make the...

Skydiver - Male


If you know someone that enjoys jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, then this personalized Christmas ornament will make the perfect gift this season. For only $2000 extra, we'll throw the ornament out of a plane for you and do our best to try and...

Snorkel Couple


These snorkelers were kind enough to take a break from viewing marine life to pose for this personalized Christmas ornament. If you had an amazing vacation this year where you got to explore the undersea world, then this ornament must surface to the top...

Take a Hike Bear


Do you think this hiker is just as scared to run into people as people are running into bears? We doubt it! If you see this hiker coming your way, it's best to remain calm and let him pass! If you're a serious hiker and like to get out into all the...

Art Palette


Forget the crayons and colored pencils. THIS personalized Christmas ornament represents serious art! If you know someone who takes art to the next level, then this ornament will make the perfect gift this season. Of course, that person will probably just...

Art Palette with Brush


It's not hard to figure out that there is a true artist at work here! Anyone that can create a masterpiece by using only five colors deserves to be in the Louvre! This personalized Christmas ornament makes the perfect gift for artists of all ages, but...

Gnomes Couple


This mythical couple can't look you in the eye right now because they are hard at work guarding the earth's treasures! Let's hope those "treasures" are all the gifts they plan on handing out to all of their friends! This personalized gnomes ornament is...

Gnomes Family - 3


Is this family of gnomes busy sleeping on the bench, or are they protecting their fabulous garden? They certainly wouldn't want Santa's reindeer to trample over the new Christmas flowers they just planted! This personalized gnomes ornament is perfect...

Gnomes Family - 5


This legendary gnome family is hard at work guarding their crops from Rudolph and the rest of Santa's reindeer. They learned their lesson last year when they woke up on Christmas morning to find their garden decimated. If you are a family that loves to...

Gnomes Family - 6


Don't these gnomes have homes? We're assuming there is a reason that they all have their backs turned to us. Either they are not easy on the eyes, or they are just protecting the treasures in their garden from Santa and his hungry reindeer! If your...

Movie Night Couple


Those that control the remote, control the movie. So, if you do not have the remote in your hands, then you darn well have the giant bowl of popcorn in your lap! If you and your significant other love your movie nights, then this personalized ornament...

Hot Chocolate Couple


Would you like one marshmallow, or two? This personalized Christmas ornament perfectly displays one of our favorite drinks during the holiday season! Just be sure and order it before those delicious looking marshmallows melt away forever! 3" tall x 3.5"...