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Personalized Wine Ornaments

Did you just return from the greatest trip to Napa Valley?  Or maybe you just love a great bottle of wine?  If that sounds like you, then a personalized wine ornament is in order for you.  Our ornaments are like wine.  The older they get on your tree, the better they become!  These make great gift ideas for a group of friends that went on a trip to Wine Country, or that just like to get together and drink wine while the husbands are away!

  • Wine Lover with Bottle - Brown Hair


    Now this is what we call a super-sized bottle of wine! If you had a memorable trip to Napa Valley, or some other wine destination this year, then this personalized Christmas ornament will go a long way in starting conversations about your adventure when...

  • Wine Lover with Bottle - Blonde Hair


    Now this is what we call a bottle of wine! If you took a trip to Wine Country this year, then this personalized Christmas ornament is a great way to remember your vacation. Just make sure you save some of that wine with the rest of us! We're sorry, but...

  • Glass with Red Wine


    Yes, we know this personalized Christmas ornament looks so good that your mouth is probably watering as you read this! If you have a wine lover in your family, or maybe it's you, then you can't let this one slip through your fingers! Wine color can't...

  • Wine Basket Ornament/Magnet


    If you need that constant reminder to pack your summer picnic basket with a bottle of wine, then this personalized Christmas ornament it perfect for you! Just don't forget to transfer it from your fridge to the tree in December! 3.75" tall x 2.75" wide...

  • Snowman Couple Hugging Wine Bottle


    Now, now, let's not fight over the large bottle of wine. Unless this bottle is cold and you both need it to keep from melting, you need to settle this like adults and share the big bottle! Once it's gone, you can resume fighting over who has to buy a new...