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Personalized Television Ornaments

If you were able to pull away from the television for just a moment and view this website, then you officially do not have a problem!  Of course, giving a personalized couch potato ornament to someone else is a subtle way to poke fun at their television habits!  This is a great gift idea for someone that watches way too much TV!

  • Movie Night Couple with 3D Glasses


    Movies are getting more and more fun these days. You can sit in reclining chairs, you can order food to be delivered to your seat, and just about everything is available in 3D! If theaters aren't your thing, you can even enjoy all of that from home as...

  • Big Screen TV with Popcorn


    From one movie buff to another, this personalized Christmas ornament is a must for your tree. However, be careful not to get too excited about movies and watch them all night on Christmas Eve or else Santa won't stop by if he sees you're not sleeping! 2...

  • Sleeping Channel Surfer in Recliner


    Attention all significant others of those that look like this guy: If this is what happens when the man takes control of the television, it's time to fight back by embarrassing him with this personalized Christmas ornament! Hopefully, it will literally...

  • Caveman in Man Cave


    There is really no way to describe this ornament as it pretty much speaks for itself. You stick your husband into his favorite room and this is what he becomes! If this hits close to home, then this personalized Christmas ornament will look great in...

  • Family Movie Night - 5


    A movie night for five is like an angry bee in a hive. Either you agree on a drama, or there is going to be some serious trauma! If your family loves to argue about what to watch on Family Movie Night, then you'll want to pick up this personalized...

  • Family Movie Night - 4


    The remote, the popcorn, and the Christmas sweaters! What else do you need for a great movie night with the family? With those sweaters on, we hope you're watching your favorite Christmas movie ever! We're assuming all four of you agree on the movies,...

  • Family Movie Night - 3


    By controlling the remote, you control the movie. By controlling the popcorn, you decide who eats and who doesn't. If you have neither, then you better be watching a good movie or it's going to be a long night! 3" tall x 3.5" wide. Made from resin.

  • Movie Night Couple


    Those that control the remote, control the movie. So, if you do not have the remote in your hands, then you darn well have the giant bowl of popcorn in your lap! If you and your significant other love your movie nights, then this personalized ornament...