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Personalized Biking Ornaments

It's time to get off of electronics and start riding bikes again.  It seems like we see less and less kids riding their bicycles around the neighborhood.  Is it because electronics are King?  Whatever the reason, we need to see it take a turn for the better.  Personalized biking ornaments might be a great way to get that enthusiasm back up to where it should be.  For kids, it might be an ornament depicting riding on two wheels for the first time and leaving those training wheels in the dust.  For adults, it might come from the thrill of completing a Century Ride.  Whatever the occasion, we have a great selection of personalized bicycle ornaments for you to choose from!

  • Bike Riding Couple


    Round and round those tires go, where this couple is going only they will know! The sun is out, so it's time to get the bikes down from the hooks and put down those lengthy books. We're taking the bikes and heading down the street, if you are out there...

  • Family Bike Ride - 4


    Is anyone interested in making all of your neighbors jealous? Just whip these stylish bicycles out of the garage and start pedaling up and down your street. To really rub it in, have a personalized Christmas ornament depicting the fun times hanging...

  • Family Bike Ride - 5


    A bike ride for the entire family! You're guaranteed to look like the most hip family on the block if you're cruising the streets with these bicycle blazers! All you need to do now is immortalize the great times by hanging this personalized Christmas...

  • Boy on Red Bike - Blonde


    It's a beautiful day and the bike trail is shouting your name! There is nothing like a great bike ride, and for kids, it's the next best thing to driving a car! If you have a bike rider in your family, then this personalized Christmas ornament...

  • Posing Female on Bicycle - Brown Hair


    It's a wonderful feeling when the warm breeze hits your face while riding your bicycle through the streets. Of course, this doesn't really apply to most of us in the winter! If you have a bicyclist in your family that loves to ride regardless of the...

  • Finish Line Bicycle Racer - Female Brown


    What a race! Whether this bike racer just finished a triathlon, duathlon, or just a sprint race, it was a heck of an effort! If you have a road racer in your family, then this personalized Christmas ornament will look great next to her First Place...