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Travel Agent

You make the call and tell your agent, "I want to go somewhere that is nice and ancient."  She asks what you hand in mind--a cruise, a country, or somewhere with good wine?  "I don't care," is what you say, "As long as you make it happen today."  She calls you up and hour later and tells you that you're going to need a translator.  "Where am I going?" you ask with a smile.  "Somewhere in Greece, on a beautiful isle?"  Your travel agent clears her throat, ready to speak.  "On your salary?  Nope.  You're going to Mexico and you leave in a week."

  • Cruise Ship with Christmas Lights


    We're off to the Caribbean, or Mexico, or Alaska, or wherever this awesome cruise ship takes us! If you went on a Christmas cruise this year, or had a honeymoon on the high seas, then this personalized ornament is the perfect keepsake for your tree this...

  • Cruising Couple on Black Ship


    Grab that swimsuit and bring your apetite because cruising is the best way to explore the world. It's also the best way to gain some weight! The good thing for many cruising couples is that fitting into their wedding attire was last week! This...