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Personalized Teacher Ornaments

You watch as your students arrive for the first day of school.  They look at you as if you're someone they can fool.  Experience is on your side, so there is nothing they can do but run and hide.  However, a miraculous thing happens over the course of the day.  The students are soon smiling before they head out to play.  You've won them over with your compassion and smile, and everything you teach them will last a long while.  Teachers are the best, so keep that in mind, because the good ones will never leave your child behind.

  • Preschool Hands


    The mark of a true preschooler! Thank fully, these handprints are on the ornament and not somewhere on your freshly painted walls! If you have a young one that started pre-school this year, then personalized Christmas ornament definitely needs to make a...

  • Teacher Apple with Ruler and Pencil


    Did you know that teachers association with apples started in the 1700s when poor families from Denmark and Sweden gave teachers baskets of apples as payment for their children's education? The amazing thing is that it is still a kind way to show your...

  • Teacher Christmas Tree


    Are you looking for the perfect gift for your child's teacher? You have come to the place with the best selection of gifts for everyone you can think of! Teachers are very proud of their occupation and aren't afraid to show it. With this personalized...

  • Science Star


    Science isn't for everyone as it takes a special mind and a great imagination. If you have a little Einstein in your family that will surely pave the way for the next generation, then this personalized Christmas ornament makes the perfect gift. In...

  • Teacher Chalkboard


    The basic principles of school! If only it ended after learning the alphabet! Don't forget your young child's teacher this Christmas by giving this thoughtful personalized ornament. They'll be guaranteed to be the teacher's pet! 3.75" tall x 3.25" wide...

  • Teacher Board with Green Backpack


    Don't we all miss the early days of school? Life was great in preschool, Kindergarten, and even 1st Grade. Not to say after that was bad, but there is nothing quite like the excitement that kids have for school then they just start. This personalized...

  • Student on Pencil - Girl


    All decked out and ready for a great year of school! This proud student is on top of the world--I mean, pencil--and she's ready open up the world to the countless possibilities in front of her! that is, until she gets that first taste of homework! ...

  • Student on Pencil - Boy


    All decked out and ready for a great year of school! This proud student is on top of the world--I mean, pencil--and he's ready to take on the world! Just wait until he gets that first taste of homework! Hair color cannot be changed. 3.5" tall x 2.25"...

  • Best Teacher Cup


    Show your favorite teacher that you think he or she wins first place for Best Teacher of the Year! This cup on this ornament may not be made of real gold, but it will definitely bring out a golden smile! "Best Teacher" is already written on the cup. ...

  • #1 Teacher Snowman


    A little warm love from a snowman may be a bit dangerous, but from a teacher, there are no words to describe the path they can create for your child. If you have a teacher you want to thank this year, then this personalized Christmas ornament makes a...

  • Kindergarten Ruler


    There are many great things about Kindergarten. Not only is the best year of school for kids, but it's the beginning of the kids getting out of the house five days a week! This ornament makes a great gift for student, as well as for their teacher. 1.5"...

  • Kindergarten Pencil Boy - Brown Hair


    Finally, the "real" school years have begun! Though it is a very sad moment (for most) when their young one spends the day at school, it's also a very happy time for the parents that actually can take an in-house vacation! All-Day Kindergarten is...

  • Teachers Have Heart with Apple


    It's time to show your favorite teacher some LOVE! This personalized Christmas ornament may not guarantee your child a place on the honor roll, but it might cut back on the amount of homework your child receives! Either way, your child's teacher will...

  • Large Teacher's Apple with White Heart


    Don't settle for handing your favorite teacher an ordinary apple this year. Hand her an apple with heart! This personalized Christmas ornament may not be the real thing, but the thought behind it will be worth at least an "A" on your next test! 3.5" tall...

  • School Bus


    It's off to school! For many kids, the thrill of riding a school bus for the first time is better than school itself! Capture those wonderful memories for your child with this adorable personalized Christmas ornament before he or she starts driving to...