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Personalized Electrician Ornaments

Electricians and a good handyman can be very difficult to find, especially when you have a bathroom or kitchen remodel causing you to lose sleep at night!  If you're lucky enough to have one on your speed dial, then don't forget him or her this holiday season!

  • Electrician with Red Toolbox


    A good electrician is hard to find, and actually thinking of what to get him for Christmas is even harder! If you have an electrician on your list that knows how to get your home working just the way you want it, then this personalized electrician...

  • Electrician Bear


    How many electrician bears does it take to screw in a light bulb? The answer is two. One to screw in the bulb and one to keep supplying new bulbs because the first bear keeps breaking them with his claws! If you know a skilled electrician that saves you...