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Family of 7 with Pets

Do you have such a large family that there just isn't realistically room to include your pets?  Personalized Family Christmas ornaments with pets is the hottest trend right now, and why wouldn't it be?  Imagine the look on your dog or cat's face when they look up at your tree and see a family ornament proudly hanging without them!  Now picture a scenario when your dog is hard at work chewing up a tree branch when he notices an ornament that includes him on it.  This category will solve all of your problems!  We have over 25 different breeds of dogs and cats for you to choose from so that you and your family of seven can proudly show off your furry friend!  You'll never see a tail wag faster or hear a purr louder!  No matter how large your family is, we have you covered!

  • Tangled Lights Family - 7


    Now this is our definition of getting wrapped up in the Christmas spirit! Either this family is really bad at decorating the house, or they just want to stay as close together as they possibly can for the holidays. Just be careful that those bulbs...

  • Red Stockings with Optional Pets - 7


    Now here is a scene that is sure to get Santa's heart rate going. Not only is there a fire roaring in his path, but he's got seven HUGE stockings to fill! This personalized family Christmas ornament will make a great addition to the family tree this year...

  • Teddy Bear Family with Large Present - 7


    Forget the gloomy dens! This bear family is already making plans to hibernate right here in this nice big present! If you could just show them the way to your tree, they can then enter a state of total relaxation! This personalized Christmas ornament is...