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Every child has a favorite sport, and it’s usually the one they are currently playing!  We’ve got personalized Christmas sports ornaments covering everything from archery to wrestling.  Our selection of baseball, basketball, football, and personalized soccer ornaments is outstanding.  Are you a team mom?  If so, then many of our sports ornaments make great gifts for entire teams as well.  You definitely won’t have any trouble finding your personalized sports ornaments in our store!  Click on each individual subcategory to see all of our great options in your favorite sport!

Featured Ornaments

Customer Favorites

Bike Riding Couple


Round and round those tires go, where this couple is going only they will know! The sun is out, so it's time to get the bikes down from the hooks and put down those lengthy books. We're taking the bikes and heading down the street, if you are out there...

Curling - Male


It's a perfect eight-ender! If you have a sweeper in your family that can masterfully guide his stone into the ring, then this personalized Christmas ornament will make a strategic gift! They don't call curling "chess on ice" for nothing! 4" tall x 4"...

Family Bike Ride - 3


It's time to pump up those tires and start showing off your new bikes! Whether you're training for a triathlon, or just enjoying a family bike ride, this personalized Christmas ornament is sure to pedal right up your tree this holiday season! 3.75" tall...

Family Bike Ride - 4


Is anyone interested in making all of your neighbors jealous? Just whip these stylish bicycles out of the garage and start pedaling up and down your street. To really rub it in, have a personalized Christmas ornament depicting the fun times hanging...

Family Bike Ride - 5


A bike ride for the entire family! You're guaranteed to look like the most hip family on the block if you're cruising the streets with these bicycle blazers! All you need to do now is immortalize the great times by hanging this personalized Christmas...

Gone Hunting Sign


Every hunter would love to be able to permanently hang this sign up in their office! If you have a guy in your life that constantly daydreams of when and where his next hunting adventure will take place, then this personalized Christmas ornament will put...

Hockey Snowflake


Hockey season is here! This personalized Christmas ornament will give your tree the All-Star look you've been searching for! If you have a shining star slap-shooter in your family, then this makes a perfect gift!Made from resin.

Hunting Display


All the things you need for a good day of hunting! Obviosly, a nice deer or duck would add to the collection, but that part is up to you! This personalized Christmas ornament makes a great gift for the hunter in your family! 2.5" tall x 5" wide. Made...

Kayak with Banner


This kayaker appears to have hit some rough water! Whether you enjoy kayaking down a raging river, or just leisurely paddling around your local lake, this personalized Christmas ornament captures the beauty and tranquility of being out on the water. 4"...

Lacrosse Boy in Action


This lacrosse player is setting up his opponents for the ultimate backbreaker! If you have a kid in your household who loves laxing, then this personalized lacrosse ornament is guaranteed to produce a Rip Twine or two based on the sheer excitement of...

Skydiver - Female


If you know someone that enjoys jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, then this personalized Christmas ornament will make the perfect gift this season. For only $2000 extra, we'll throw the ornament out of a plane for you and do our best to try and...