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Bears, Penguins, & Reindeer

Bears and penguins may not be the first thing that cross your mind when you think of animals on your Christmas tree, but they sure are adorable!  Besides, the reindeer are all sick of each other and need some new faces to hang out with--even if it makes Santa jealous!

  • Reindeer Character with Scarf


    We never quite understood why characters that love the cold weather need to actually wear a scarf. The only thing that comes to mind is that they love the holidays so much that they risk overheating just so they can look the part! This personalized...

  • Reindeer Ornament/Magnet


    This reindeer is literally floating in the clouds waiting to land on your Christmas tree! Don't tell Santa that you bribed him with a better offer! This magnet ornament can either hang from the tree or stick on your fridge! 3.75" tall x 2" wide. Made...

  • Sitting Bear Mailman


    Forget about the Pony Express. The Bear Express is the mailman that delivers with a smile! He may be a little slow getting around the city, but those houses in the woods are NO problem! An absolute perfect gift for the mail carrier in your neighborhood.3...

  • Hippie Bear


    Flower Power! We know this is the 21st Century, but unfortunately, not EVERYONE knows this! If you know someone that is still stuck in the 70's, then this thoughtful personalized Christmas ornament will make a perfect gift!4" tall x 2.5" wide. Made from...