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Personalized Racecar Ornaments

  • Personalized Blue Dirt Bike Christmas Ornament


    Pin down that throttle and let it ride! This bike is so fast that your fellow racers will probably accuse you of sandbagging. The bottom line is that you won't be casing any jumps with this personalized Christmas ornament! If you have a budding motocross...

  • Personalized Rev'd Up Dirt Biker Christmas Ornament


    This biker is thrilled with excitement because he just successfully landed a tough No Footed Can-Can! However, he better wipe that smile off his face. Up next is a series of studders, capped off by a ridiculously hard Saran Wrap! This personalized...

  • Personalized Red 4-Wheeler on Sand Christmas Ornament


    Rev up that engine and hit the beach! These little beasts were made for rough and fun outdoor terrain! If you've got a family that can't get enough of this high-speed adventure, then this personalized Christmas ornament is eager to zoom up your tree!...

  • Personalized 4-Wheeler ATV - Red Christmas Ornament


    Lets fire up that ATV and hit the dirt! If you know of someone that likes to blaze those trails no matter how dangerous it seems to us mortals, then this personalized Christmas ornament will make the perfect gift. As an added bonus, this ornament will...

  • Personalized Monster Truck in Mud Christmas Ornament


    Let the monster truck rally begin! Just be sure to keep all pets and small children out of the way as this truck is rearing to race right up your Christmas tree! If you've got a truck-lover in your family, then this personalized Christmas ornament is a...

You don’t have to be an Indy 500 driver to appreciate our selection of personalized racing ornaments.  If you have a kid that loves playing with Hot Wheels and other toy cars, then you definitely qualify!  We have the best selection of personalized race cars!