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Tips on how to get your child to do their homework

Posted by Scott Simonsen on

There’s one thing that parents collectively agree is the most frustrating, daunting, absolute worst part of back to school: the homework. And it’s not just the kids who are dreading it — it’s the parents. It means rushed evenings and a lot of Googling and maybe even a few tears. Kids throw every excuse in the book at their moms and dads in hopes of swaying them from the mundane task of homework, and at the end of a long day, it can be hard to battle the homework blues. So here are a few quick rebuttals to some common homework excuses.

I Don’t Have Any Homework.

When you know your child has homework but they are insisting that they don’t, then it’s time for them to use their “free” time to help out around the house. In the evening, there are lunches to be made, dinner to prep, clothes to lay out, dogs to feed and walk, and more. When they realize that not doing homework means doing work of another kind, they may fess up about the school work they have.

I Forgot It In My Locker.

Don’t ya hate when that happens? Chalking up no homework to forgetfulness deems one simple response: “Well, let’s get in the car and go to school and get it.” That should stop them in their tracks.

I Don’t Understand It.

This is a fruitless attempt to avoid homework — do kids really think that we’ll cave and say, “Oh, okay. Let’s go do something fun instead”?! Um, no. Sit down with them and go through what needs to be done so they do understand. Make a quick list of steps they’ll need to take to complete their homework so they can see that it really won’t take that long.

The Teacher Never Said We Had To Do It For Homework.

Ah, yes, the old “blame the teacher” retort. But you know better, right? Homework is what it is: work to be done at home. The response to this can be a simple eye roll. Then hand them their pencil and tell them to get crackin’.

I Did It In Class Already.

When homework is a regular occurrence in your household and built into the afternoon/evening time, then there’s always a slot of time dedicated to learning, right? There are other things a kid can do to keep their learning up to par. Since they finished up their homework during the day, they can spend the evening working on their penmanship or brushing up on their reading skills. Or maybe, they do have some actual homework they can work on too.

It’s Not Due Tomorrow.

Great! Then, if you do it today, you’ll have more free time when it is due. So let’s get a head start on things…

What Homework?

You know, the math and reading homework that you got today, that your friend’s mom told me about when I texted her. Yes, that homework. *mom finger snap*

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