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× - Personalized Kids and Teens Christmas Ornaments

The wonderful thing about kids and teenagers is that they always seem to have a favorite hobby or activity, which makes it really easy to pick out a personalized Christmas ornament for them!  Whether it’s electronics, driving, school, or dressing up as a princess, we’ve got more than enough choices to make your shopping easy!  We even have a great selection of Superhero ornaments that will be sure to kick their imaginations into infinity and beyond!

Featured Ornaments

Customer Favorites

2021 Graduate


The perfect ornament for the big event in 2021! If you had a graduate go the distance this past year, then this keepsake is an absolute MUST for your tree this season. It also is a great reminder to the parents that pinpoints the exact year they got...

Supergirl with Star


With an amazing superhero outfit like this, it's no wonder than this Supergirl is protecting her entire neighborhood with relentless patrols throughout the day. If there are any villains looking to enter, they quickly turn the other direction when this...

Superhero with Star


Let's hear it for superhero powers! This personalized superhero ornament may fly faster than a speeding bullet and leap buildings in a single bound, but he's also a great kid that loves putting on the superman costume so that he can protect his...

Superhero - Batman


Quick, kids! The Justice League is calling for help and they need you right away! If you're son loves dressing up as his favorite superhero, then this personalized Batman ornament will be sure and get him fired up for his next big mission! 4" tall x 3"...

Super Hero with Shield


There is nothing more imaginable to a kid than pretending to be a super hero! Whether it's Captain American, or someone else in a mask and cape, kids know how to get into full "super hero" mode! This personalized Christmas ornament makes a great gift...

Black iPhone


Do you have an iPhone that you just can't seem to detach yourself from? Well, let us introduce to you the new iPhone personalized Christmas ornament! When you see it on your tree, you'll be so drawn to it that you won't be able to control yourself from...

Super Hero


It seems like superhero movies are everywhere these days, and with those movies, the imaginations of our children soar to new levels! This personalized Christmas ornament may not give your son super powers, but it's guaranteed to put a super smile on...

Girl with Dog or Puppy


There is nothing more special than a girl with her new puppy. It's the beginning of a friendship that will provide a lifetime of memories. If the young lady in your life recently adopted or purchased a new puppy, then this personalized Christmas ornament...

Preschool Hands


The mark of a true preschooler! Thank fully, these handprints are on the ornament and not somewhere on your freshly painted walls! If you have a young one that started pre-school this year, then personalized Christmas ornament definitely needs to make a...

Artist Girl with Easel


With a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless! This budding artist is so confident in her work, that she doesn't even need to look what she's doing! If you have a young artist in your family that loves to paint, then this personalized Christmas...

Inner Tube Girl


This is nothing like floating on an inner tube on a nice hot summer day! Whether you're floating down the river with friends, or just hanging out at the pool or a lake, it just isn't summer break without an inner tube! This ornament is perfect for...

Inner Tube Boy


It doesn't get any more relaxing than this! Whether you're hanging out at the pool, the lake, or just floating down the river, nothing brings out the summer fun better than a good old fashioned inner tube! This personalized inner tube ornament is...

New Job Paycheck


The excitement of a new job reaches its peak when that first paycheck arrives! If you started a new job this year, then this is the ornament for you! This personalized paycheck ornament is also a great idea for kids that landed their first job. "Employee...

Teacher Christmas Tree


Are you looking for the perfect gift for your child's teacher? You have come to the place with the best selection of gifts for everyone you can think of! Teachers are very proud of their occupation and aren't afraid to show it. With this personalized...

Waterslide - Girl Brown


Cowabunga! If you enjoy the cool things of summer like a great water slide or spectacular water park, then this personalized Christmas ornament makes the perfect gift to splash right up your tree this season! Hair color cannot be changed. 4" tall x 3...