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× - Personalized Occupations Christmas Ornaments

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the firefighter in your family?  How about your manicurist?  Occupation ornaments are the latest trend and we have a huge inventory to choose from as our personalized Occupations ornaments cover just about everyone in the workforce!  Sorry, but a professional shopper is not a job, but you can certainly find plenty of those personalized Christmas ornaments on our Hobbies page!  Don't forgot your teachers this holiday season, either.  We have the best selection of personalized teacher ornaments.  Whether you're buying for a Kindergarten teacher or a High School science teacher, you'll have no problem finding one that is the perfect fit!  Wondering what our best selling occupation ornament is?  I bet you would have never guessed it was a Garbage Man!  We can hardly keep them in stock!


Featured Ornaments

Customer Favorites

Brick House Family - 6


With a family of six, you need much more than a house built out of sticks! This solid brick home is fully decorated is bursting with holiday joy that you might actually mistake it for a colorful toy! This personalized ornament will look fantastic on your...

Brick House Family - 5


With a family of five, you need a fully decorated home to keep the holiday spirit alive! This personalized Christmas ornament of your home will make the perfect centerpiece on your tree this year. Just make sure you keep a thick branch open, because...

Brick House Family - 4


This fully decorated home is just perfect for your family of four! Whether you just moved into your new home this year, or you just love putting up holiday decorations, this personalized Christmas ornament will make a great addition to your tree this...

Brick House Family - 3


They don't make them like the used to! This beautiful brick house is all decorated and ready for the holidays! If you are celebrating Christmas for the first time as a family in your new home, then this is the perfect ornament for your tree! 4.5" tall x...

Brick House Couple


What a house! This couple is starting off things just right with this beautiful new home! Not only beautifully decorated for Christmas, but it's a home that will bring happiness for years to come! 4.5" tall x 3.5" wide. Made from resin.

Preschool Hands


The mark of a true preschooler! Thank fully, these handprints are on the ornament and not somewhere on your freshly painted walls! If you have a young one that started pre-school this year, then personalized Christmas ornament definitely needs to make a...

Cook with Red Pot


Will somebody please shut that lid because those wonderful smells are making our stomachs growl! If you know a cook that can cook amazing meals that you can smell for miles, then this personalized cook ornament will be the tastiest treat on her tree...

Baker with Gingerbread


This baker is doing such a fantastic job with her gingerbread that it looks good enough to eat right now! If you know someone that loves to bake Christmas cookies each year so that everyone can enjoy them, then this personalized baker ornament will look...

Navy with American Flag


To serve in the military is a proud accomplishment. Show off the pride you have in your loved one that is serving in the Navy with this thoughtful personalized ornament. It'll bring a smile to your face each year that you see that American flag waving...

Army with American Flag


Our military ornaments are some of our favorite selections here at! They are a great way to show the veteran in your life how much their service means to you and your family. The flag on this personalized Army ornament is destined...

Mail Truck


Does your mail carrier delivery your mail and packages with a smile? Does he or she go out of their way to make sure your packages get to you on time? This personalized mail truck ornament is an excellent gift idea for your local mail carrier. The...

New Job Paycheck


The excitement of a new job reaches its peak when that first paycheck arrives! If you started a new job this year, then this is the ornament for you! This personalized paycheck ornament is also a great idea for kids that landed their first job. "Employee...

Teacher Christmas Tree


Are you looking for the perfect gift for your child's teacher? You have come to the place with the best selection of gifts for everyone you can think of! Teachers are very proud of their occupation and aren't afraid to show it. With this personalized...

Rainbow Daycare


Do your kids have as much fun at daycare as they do at home? If so, then your provider will be honored to receive this colorful personalized ornament from your child. It's great daycares that make happy kids! 3.5" tall x 4.25" wide. Made from resin.

New Job Display


At last! The kid has finally landed a job and can now move out of the house! What's that you say? The kid has decided to keep living with you in order to save money for a new house? It never ends! If you have a family member who landed a new job this...

Pandemic Face Mask


One of the most important pieces to your Personal Protection Equipment! This makes a great gift for nurses and doctors that have put their lives on the line to help others. It's also a great gift idea for pretty much everyone that had to wear a face mask...