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Personalized Surfing Ornaments

For most surfers, you either live near the coast, or you just love to surf on vacation.  Regardless of when and where you surf, we can all agree that you need to be extremely talented!  If you have a surfer in your family, a personalized surfing ornament will look great Hanging Ten at the top of your tree!

  • Yellow, Blue, and White Surfboard


    While you're hard at work conquering an A-frame and various aerials, we have no doubt that you're probably thinking the whole time that you wish you had a personalized surfboard Christmas ornament to hang on your tree this season. Am I right? I thought...

  • Surfer Male Carrying Board - Brown Hair


    With a gnarly board like this, there will be no more Baby Ramp Outs for this Accessory Man! Show the surfer in your family just how cool he looks with this personalized Christmas ornament. The excitement will surely generate a monster Aerial Barrel...

  • Surf Board Family


    The perfect Christmas ornament for the couple that just can't seem to ever get out of the water! If you two are single, you probably won't be for long, because you're definitely not afraid to take the plunge! 5" tall x 2" wide. Made from resin.