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Do you really think you can get away with decorating your Christmas tree without including your pets?  Of course you can’t, because if you do, they will never look at you the same!  Well, except for cats, because they just don’t care!  We’ve got personalized pet ornaments for every dog and cat you can imagine.  Our “Pick Your Pets” ornaments will be the crown jewel on your tree!  If you don't have a personalized dog ornament on your tree this year, then your canine friends will have the saddest puppy dog eyes ever--but that might be a very cute thing!  If you're looking for a personalized family Christmas ornament that includes pets, we've got the most exciting and adorable choices available!  Did we mention how fun it will be to shop for these ornaments?

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Cat Lady


If you thought Cat Ladies were just a thing of legend, then think again! The local Cat Lady might be the target of jokes, but the reality is that they love their lives, their cats, and all the hair! Realistically, the only people that buy this...

Westie with Santa Hat


This adorable Westie is all dressed up for Christmas! She may be a little upset with her owner for making her wear that hat, but that fact that she has her very own personalized Westie ornament makes it all worth it! Let the wet kisses commence! 4.25"...

Dog Walker - Female


Either this gal is in the middle of a summertime Iditarod, or she's got her hands full walking all of the dogs in her neighborhood. This personalized Christmas ornament is a fantastic gift idea for dog-lovers, or for someone that has one of the best...

Best Dog Heart


Every dog thinks they are "King of the Household". Show him that he just may be right with his very own personalized Christmas ornament. "Best Dog" is already written on the crown. 2.5" tall x 3" wide. Made from resin.

Horse Trailer


If you're packing up for a trip, you certainly can't forgot the horse! Well, you're probably not planning on taking him to Yellowstone, but he definitely needs his own space when traveling between races or pastures! This personalized Christmas ornament...



There is no better way for a dog to express his love than with a giant "WOOF!". Either that, or he's trying to tell you that Santa just landed on your roof! 2" tall x 4" wide. Made from resin.

Princess Dog Bone


This personalized Christmas ornament is just the thing to get your spoiled dog into the holiday spirit with the rest of your family! Warning: We strongly advise you to hang this delicious looking ornament out of your dog's reach on your tree! 2" tall x...

Black Cat with Bell


A little love from their owners is all cats really want. Actually, you better make that a LOT of love! This personalized Christmas ornament for your kitty accomplishes two things. Not only do they get their own ornament on the tree, but if you hang it...