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Personalized Equestrian Ornaments

Saddle up those horses and head out to the range!  Actually, before you do that, be sure to check our selection of personalized equestrian ornaments!  We’ve got riders, stables, and more!

  • Cowboy Essentials


    What else could a cowboy possibly need? Actually, now that we take a closer look at this ornament, a horse would be nice! You can track one of those down in a different part of our website! 4.5" tall x 3.75" wide. Made from resin.

  • Horse Trailer


    If you're packing up for a trip, you certainly can't forgot the horse! Well, you're probably not planning on taking him to Yellowstone, but he definitely needs his own space when traveling between races or pastures! This personalized Christmas ornament...

  • Equestrian Female with Brown Hair


    It's time to saddle up that horse and put on a show! Whether it's for endurance or jumping, this personalized Christmas ornament makes a great gift for horse-lovers of all ages. Coat and hair color cannot be changed. 4" tall x 1.75" wide. Made from...

  • Horse in Red Stable - Tan


    Don't forget about those family members that are out in the stable! This personalized Christmas ornament will make your horse way more happier than an apple! Be careful, though. He may get excited and leap the barn door! Horse colors cannot be...

  • Gray Horse with Horseshoe


    Don't forget the family members that you keep in the barn! We're not talking about your misbehaving kid, but rather your beautiful horse. This personalized horse ornament will be the closest thing you have to letting your four-legged friend in the...

  • Riding Essentials


    Everything you need to saddle up and start your journey toward taking home the blue ribbon! If you've got a rider and a terrific horse in your family, then this personalized Christmas ornament will make the perfect gift. 4.25" tall x 3" wide. Made from...

  • Horse with Dangling Feet


    With a neigh, neigh here and a neigh, neigh there, this personalized Christmas ornament can be purchased right here! Show off your favorite farm animal by placing this buckaroo high on your tree this holiday season! 4" tall x 3.25" wide. Made from resin.