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Whether you’ve got dreams of being in the X Games, or you’re just happy cruising down the mountainside, a personalized snowboarding ornament will look absolutely perfect on your tree this season!  We’ve got snowboarders for both the guys and gals!

  • Snowboarder with Blue Board


    We don't get it. Why would anyone in their right mind take a perfectly good surf board and try to use it in the snow? Call us old fashioned, but that just doesn't sound safe! If you know any crazy snowboarders, then they will love this personalized...

  • Snowboarding Couple


    Talk about your cold dates! If you and your other half love snowboarding as much as we think you do, then this personalized Christmas ornament makes the perfect gift this holiday season! If it's really cold on the slopes, at least you have each other...

  • Stylin' Snowboard Girl with Brown Hair


    Let's go freeriding! This stylish snowboarder appears to be clear of any blindsides coming her way. Of course, a serious bonk could be in her future if she doesn't watch where she's going! If you've got a snowboarding ace in your family, then this...

  • Snowboarder Snowman


    Cowabunga! The master of the slopes has finally arrived! But beware...this snowboarder is much more aggressive than he looks. Great gift idea for all those Extreme athletes out there!" tall x " wide. Made from resin.