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Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Braces

Not sure what category the personalized Christmas ornament you are looking for resides?  We don’t know, either, so we dumped a whole bunch of random ornaments right here for you to look at.  We’ve got kids with braces, broken limbs, and earrings!

  • Personalized New Job Display Christmas Ornament


    At last! The kid has finally landed a job and can now move out of the house! What's that you say? The kid has decided to keep living with you in order to save money for a new house? It never ends! If you have a family member who landed a new job this...

  • Personalized Santa's Nice List Christmas Ornament


    He's making his list, he's checking it twice, he's now going to know who was naughty and nice! This personalized Christmas ornament will tell everyone for years to come! Warn the kids. If their name ends up on the "naughty" list, it may never come off!...

  • Personalized Santa with Big List Christmas Ornament


    The most dreaded list known to kids! Is this a "Good" list, or a "Bad" list? That is the big question you must decide when adding this personalized Christmas ornament to your tree this season. Based on Santa's happy face, we're guessing your kids are...

  • Personalized Bear Bookworm Christmas Ornament


    Now what could this bear possibly be reading about? Our guess is that it involves recipes for honey, or it may just be a way to get drowsy before a long winters nap! Whatever the reason, this personalized ornament makes a great gift for the bookworm in...

  • Personalized Monkey Business Christmas Ornament


    Do you have a child that goofs off a lot? If your answer is "no" then may we suggest a Pinocchio ornament for yourself?! This personalized Christmas ornament is a great gift for the crazy monkey in all of us. Let's just hope the kids lose that trait...

  • Personalized Sock Monkey Christmas Ornament


    Whether your child's favorite toy was made from smelly old socks, or you chose to buy a clean one, this personalized Christmas ornament is guaranteed to bring a smile to your loved one's face, unless, of course, we send you a stinky one! 5" tall x 2"...

  • Personalized Cub Scout Christmas Ornament


    Young boys get a thrill putting on a uniform that shows off all of his amazing accomplishments. Reward your junior scout this season with his very own personalized Scouts ornament showing off all the great things he has done over the past year. 4.5" tall...

  • Personalized Boy Scout Christmas Ornament


    There is nothing more exciting for a boy than putting on the uniform that shows off all of his thrilling accomplishments. Reward your scout this season with his very own personalized Christmas ornament commemorating all of the wonderful memories he's...

  • Personalized Girl Scout Christmas Ornament


    I don't know about you, but Girl Scout Cookie season is one of the best times of the year! Don't you think that trading a personalized Brownie ornament for cookies would be an even trade? Your local Girl Scout would love it! Of course, she'll probably...

  • Personalized Brownie Girl Christmas Ornament


    Cookies sold by the Brownies is one of the best times of the year! Wouldn't it be a great idea to trade this personalized Christmas ornament for your cookies this year? Your local young scouts would absolutely love it. Of course, you'll probably have to...

  • Personalized Boy with Braces Christmas Ornament


    Yes, we know that the excitement of getting braces on your teeth wears off pretty quickly, but this personalized Christmas ornament just might do the trick to keep the thrill around a bit longer! Unfortunately, it won't help keep the cost of the actual...

  • Personalized Sitting Bear Mailman Christmas Ornament


    Forget about the Pony Express. The Bear Express is the mailman that delivers with a smile! He may be a little slow getting around the city, but those houses in the woods are NO problem! An absolute perfect gift for the mail carrier in your neighborhood.3...

  • Personalized Hippie Bear Christmas Ornament


    Flower Power! We know this is the 21st Century, but unfortunately, not EVERYONE knows this! If you know someone that is still stuck in the 70's, then this thoughtful personalized Christmas ornament will make a perfect gift!4" tall x 2.5" wide. Made from...