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Personalized Birthday Ornaments

If you are looking for sweet 16 ideas for your child's birthday, a personalized Christmas ornament is a wonderful, thoughtful gift!  It only makes it better if their birthday falls in December!  Even if you don't have a Christmas birthday, you can still find a personalized birthday ornament for a celebration any time of year.

  • Personalized Sweet 16 Cake Christmas Ornament


    A gigantic cake for a monumental birthday! Take it from us, buying this ornament for your loved one is MUCH cheaper than the requested new car! "You Put the Sweet in Sweet Sixteen" is already written on the ornament. 4" tall x 3" wide. Made from resin.

  • Personalized Beer Drinker - Male Christmas Ornament


    It's time to raise that glass and celebrate that you're finally legal! Er…what I meant to say, was that it's time to celebrate that first taste of beer! This personalized Christmas ornament can be for other celebrations as well, as long as you look as...