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Check out our collection of smashing personalized volleyball ornaments.  We’ve got bumpers, servers, and spikers!  These volleyball ornaments also make excellent gifts for your entire team.  For many of our ornaments, we can even add a jersey number for you!

  • Volleyball Banner with Holly


    There is nothing that says "volleyball" better around the holidays than a ball wrapped up in holly! If you have an athlete in your family that celebrates every sport as if it's as joyous as Christmas, then this personalized Christmas ornament is just for...

  • Volleyball Girl with Banner - Brown


    Are you looking for a gift that is certain to be a "smash" this Christmas season? Look no further than your computer screen! This personalized volleyball ornament for the player in your family will certainly be the "ace" up your sleeve! Uniform colors...

  • Volleyball Girl Bumping Ball


    This volleyball player is so confident that her flawless bump is going to set up the winning point, that she is smiling before it even happens! If you've got a volleyball star in your family, then this personalized Christmas ornament needs to be bumped...

  • Volleyball Girl with Hanging Ball - Red


    This personalized Christmas ornament literally spells out what it is all about, and that is VOLLEYBALL! If you have an athlete in your family that can't get enough of the sport, then this ornament needs to be spiked right up your tree this season! ...

  • Volleyball Server - Dark Skin


    Here comes another ace! The confidence this volleyball player is showing has the opposing teams screaming for mercy! If you have a volleyball ace in your family that makes the game look this easy, then this personalized Christmas ornament makes the...

  • Volleyball Spiker - Brown Hair


    We feel sorry for the opposing player that is about to get this volleyball smashed in her face. Making it worse for the opponent is the intimidating smile this smasher is flashing! If you've got a power hitter in your family, then this personalized...