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Personalized Gardening Ornaments

Do you have a green thumb?  Do you have the best looking garden in your neighborhood?  If so, then a personalized gardening ornament would be the perfect addition to your tree this year.  If you’re truly a master in the garden, then you probably even grew the Christmas tree yourself!

  • Personalized Gnomes Family - 6 Christmas Ornament


    Don't these gnomes have homes? We're assuming there is a reason that they all have their backs turned to us. Either they are not easy on the eyes, or they are just protecting the treasures in their garden from Santa and his hungry reindeer! If your...

  • Personalized Gnomes Family - 5 Christmas Ornament


    This legendary gnome family is hard at work guarding their crops from Rudolph and the rest of Santa's reindeer. They learned their lesson last year when they woke up on Christmas morning to find their garden decimated. If you are a family that loves to...

  • Personalized Gnomes Family - 4 Christmas Ornament


    This family of gnomes is either practicing some Renaissance magic, or they have their eyes locked on their beautiful garden so that they can prevent Santa's reindeer from chewing up all the plants when they arrive and are waiting for Santa to deliver his...

  • Personalized Gnomes Family - 3 Christmas Ornament


    Is this family of gnomes busy sleeping on the bench, or are they protecting their fabulous garden? They certainly wouldn't want Santa's reindeer to trample over the new Christmas flowers they just planted! This personalized gnomes ornament is perfect...

  • Personalized Gnomes Couple Christmas Ornament


    This mythical couple can't look you in the eye right now because they are hard at work guarding the earth's treasures! Let's hope those "treasures" are all the gifts they plan on handing out to all of their friends! This personalized gnomes ornament is...