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Personalized Motorcycle Ornaments

Our selection of motorcycles includes dirt bikes, road bikes, and even bikes ridden by couples.  We even have a personalized Harley Davidson ornament!  Start revving up your keyboard, because it’s time to get one of these beauties added to your shopping cart!  Have you attended a Harley event this year?  If so, then these ornaments make a great gift for your entire group!

  • Blue Dirt Bike


    Pin down that throttle and let it ride! This bike is so fast that your fellow racers will probably accuse you of sandbagging. The bottom line is that you won't be casing any jumps with this personalized Christmas ornament! If you have a budding motocross...

  • Rev'd Up Dirt Biker


    This biker is thrilled with excitement because he just successfully landed a tough No Footed Can-Can! However, he better wipe that smile off his face. Up next is a series of studders, capped off by a ridiculously hard Saran Wrap! This personalized...

  • Motorcross Guy


    For the sake of this motocross daredevil, we're hoping there is a nice big landing ramp at the end of this jump! If not, you may want to take a look at our nice selection of ambulance ornaments! This personalized Christmas ornament makes a great gift...

  • Harley Motorcycle with Flames


    Rev up that engine and listen to your baby roar! Even though these great bikes have never heard of mufflers, they're still quite a sight to see and hear! The great news about this personalized Christmas ornament is that it doesn't make any noise! 3"...

  • Red Rocket Motorcycle with Red Helmet


    Hold on tight, because this little baby can fly! If you've got a motorcycle rider in your family that really likes to live life on the edge, then this personalized Christmas ornament is just the right thing. If you're lucky, he'll be so happy with the...

  • Happy Biker Couple


    Doesn't this happy biker couple realize that it's dangerous to cuddle while driving? Perhaps what is even more scary is that their eyes are not even on the road! Please rescue them quick by placing this couple on your Christmas tree before they get...