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Personalized Beverage Ornaments

  • Personalized Marshmallow Mug Couple Christmas Ornament


    This mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows looks so good to drink that our tastebuds are going wild! If you and your significant other, or maybe just your two kids, love a nice cup of hot cocoa on a cold day, then this personalized Christmas mug is a...

  • Personalized Hot Chocolate Couple Christmas Ornament


    Would you like one marshmallow, or two? This personalized Christmas ornament perfectly displays one of our favorite drinks during the holiday season! Just be sure and order it before those delicious looking marshmallows melt away forever! 3" tall x 3.5"...

  • Personalized Champagne Toast Christmas Ornament


    A champagne toast can be for any occasion. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and even Christmas dinners! This ornament can be personalized for any occasion that you have. The word "Cheers" is already part of the ornament design and cannot be changed or...

  • Personalized Frosty Beer Mug Christmas Ornament


    There is nothing like a cold brew to settle the nerves during the holidays€¦or on the weekend€¦or during the big game€¦or after the kids are in bed. You get our drift? This personalized Christmas ornament will definitely stand out on your tree this...

  • Personalized I Love You Latte Christmas Ornament


    Do you know anyone that has trouble getting through the morning without their latte? If so, then this is the answer to all your shopping problems this Christmas! This ornament works for couples or induvial latte lovers. "I Love You a Latte" is already...

  • Personalized Star Buck Coffee Christmas Ornament


    Coffee house chains beware! The latest phenomenon to hit the country is the classic Star BUCK Latte line! This fine assortment of coffee beans and artificial flavorings are ground up and stirred by the actual antlers of Santa's reindeer! They are...

  • Personalized Red Coffee Lover Cup Christmas Ornament


    Can't function without that tall morning cup of java? Well, if that's the case, then you certainly won't be able to get started on your Christmas tree this year with out a personalized ornament depicting what your life as become! "Coffee Lover" is...

  • Personalized Beer Drinker - Male Christmas Ornament


    It's time to raise that glass and celebrate that you're finally legal! Er…what I meant to say, was that it's time to celebrate that first taste of beer! This personalized Christmas ornament can be for other celebrations as well, as long as you look as...

We’ve got your hot chocolate, and we’ve got your alcoholic drinks.  You can find your favorite wine, beer, and coffee right here in our personalized drinks collection.  Please hang your new ornaments responsibly.