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× - Personalized Holiday Themed Christmas Ornaments

If you are specific with what you are looking for on an ornament, then this is the category for you!  We’ve got snowmen, zoo animals, and even Santa himself!  If you’re hungry, we’ve even got personalized food ornaments to drool over!  We also offer a great variety of personalized religious ornaments to choose from.  We have individual communions, crosses, and even entire families attending church!  If it fits a particular theme, we have it the personalized ornament for it!

Featured Ornaments

Customer Favorites

Isolation 2020 TP


This personalized ornament pretty much sums up 2020! Isolated and in need of toilet paper! If you would like to place an ornament on your tree that will bring a smile to your face thanks to this crazy year, then this is the ornament for you! 3.25" tall x...

Brick House Family - 6


With a family of six, you need much more than a house built out of sticks! This solid brick home is fully decorated is bursting with holiday joy that you might actually mistake it for a colorful toy! This personalized ornament will look fantastic on your...

Brick House Family - 5


With a family of five, you need a fully decorated home to keep the holiday spirit alive! This personalized Christmas ornament of your home will make the perfect centerpiece on your tree this year. Just make sure you keep a thick branch open, because...

Brick House Family - 4


This fully decorated home is just perfect for your family of four! Whether you just moved into your new home this year, or you just love putting up holiday decorations, this personalized Christmas ornament will make a great addition to your tree this...

Brick House Family - 3


They don't make them like the used to! This beautiful brick house is all decorated and ready for the holidays! If you are celebrating Christmas for the first time as a family in your new home, then this is the perfect ornament for your tree! 4.5" tall x...