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× - Personalized Holiday Themed Christmas Ornaments

If you are specific with what you are looking for on an ornament, then this is the category for you!  We’ve got snowmen, zoo animals, and even Santa himself!  If you’re hungry, we’ve even got personalized food ornaments to drool over!  We also offer a great variety of personalized religious ornaments to choose from.  We have individual communions, crosses, and even entire families attending church!  If it fits a particular theme, we have it the personalized ornament for it!

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Vaccinated Couple


Yay! You're vaccinated! For a while, it seemed like the happy day would never come, but at last things are starting to feel a bit like normal. This personalized ornament is also a great gift for friends that haven't seen each other in a long time! 3.5"...

Covid Vaccine Shot


Last season may have been the Year of the Mask, but thankfully it is now the Year of the Vaccination! If you, or someone you know, has been vaccinated this year, then there isn't a more fitting Christmas ornament for the tree this season! 2.25" tall x 4...