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Personalized Skateboarding Ornaments

Whether you’ve got dreams of being in the X Games, or you’re just happy you haven’t broken an arm yet, a personalized Skateboarding ornament would be a sweet addition to your tree this year.  The bonus is that you can’t get hurt with these skateboards!

  • Skateboard Grabber - Male


    This skateboarding dude is about to attempt one of the trickiest aerial tricks of all time: Landing on your Christmas tree without knocking any of the other ornaments off! This personalized ornament is great for skateboarders of all ages and can stand on...

  • Ring of Fire Skateboard


    Now here is an ornament for serious skateboarders only. Whenever "rings of fire" and "skateboarding" are mentioned in the same sentence, you know you must be a fanatic! Just be sure and douse this personalized Christmas ornament before placing it on your...