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Personalized Flight Attendant Ornaments

Without flight attendants, it's no secret that the plane would never get off the ground!  Whether you work at United, Southwest, Delta, or American Airlines, flight attendants make you feel like you're always flying First Class.

  • Busy Flight Attendant or Pilot - Male


    It's time to buckle up and hit the skies! This personalized pilot ornament also works for a male flight attendant, or even for a businessman that spends a lot of time traveling. Whatever the profession may be, it's safe to say that he's probably racking...

  • Waving Flight Attendant or Pilot - Female


    Fly the friendly skies! This personalized flight attendant ornament makes a great gift for the person that made your flight a bit better. A good flight attendant goes out of their way to make sure you are comfortable for the entire trip. This ornament...

  • Flight Attendant Female - Blonde


    "Thank you for flying Holiday Air. The local time is just before Christmas, so you better get moving and buy this ornament before the flight attendants in your life get very upset!" If you know someone that travels all around the world and gets paid for...