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Personalized Computer Ornaments

We seem to be plugged in everywhere we go.  Whether it’s cell phones, iPads, or computers.  We’ve got a great selection of personalized computers ranging from desktops to laptops for college.  In fact, we probably have an ornament that resembles the computer you’re using now!  Personalized computer ornaments make great gifts for the new college student, or pretty much all high school students!

  • Facebook Status


    Just when everyone thought they knew all about you, you go and change your status! If all your Facebook friends need to constantly check out your ever-changing profile, then this personalized Christmas ornament is just for you! "Status update,"...

  • Social Networking


    Are you addicted to Facebook? Do you follow everyone you've ever met on Twitter? If your answer is YES to either or both, then this personalized Christmas ornament is destined for your tree this season. Just think of the amount of new "friends" you'll...

  • Texting King


    Are your fingerprints rubbed down to nothing? Do you text every conversation even though you're standing right next to the recipient? Do your thumbs twitch in your sleep? If you answered YES to these questions, then you are definitely the King of...