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Family Ornaments

Family ornaments are what make your Christmas Tree magical each year.  Whether you are a couple without kids, or a large family with lots of pets, we have you covered with more personalized Christmas ornaments for your family than you can possibly imagine!  These personalized family ornaments make fantastic gifts for friends and neighbors as well.  They are the perfect keepsake to pass down to your kids, and eventually to your grandkids.  Someone down the line may eventually need a much bigger tree, but the family memories will be well worth it! And remember, don't forget to add your dog and cat!  We have the best selection of Christmas ornaments for large families that you will find, so come on in and have fun!

Featured Ornaments

Customer Favorites

Bike Riding Couple


Round and round those tires go, where this couple is going only they will know! The sun is out, so it's time to get the bikes down from the hooks and put down those lengthy books. We're taking the bikes and heading down the street, if you are out there...

Cactus Family - 2


What's the matter? You've never seen a happy couple cozy up to a cactus before? When your love is this strong, even the prickliest of situations don't seem to phase your relationship! This personalized cactus couple ornament makes a great gift for...

Cactus Family - 3


You may think this family is crazy to be snuggling up to a cactus, but they are just trying to proof that their love is strong enough to get out of any kind of prickly situation! If you live in Arizona, or anywhere else in the desert, then this...

Cactus Family - 4


You don't have to live in the desert to appreciate a decorated cactus for Christmas! If you have a family that can get through the prickliest of situations, then this personalized cactus ornament is the perfect way to show off your love for one another!...

Cactus Family - 5


Didn't you know that families in the Southwest decorate Cacti for Christmas? Well, that may not be entirely true with everyone, but it's a great way to show off the pride you have for your home in the desert. This ornament makes a great gift for...

Cactus Family - 6


This personalized cactus ornament may be directed to families that live in Arizona or somewhere else in the Southwest, but it's actually a great idea for familes that love to fight through the prickliest of situations. With four kids, those prickly...

Eskimo Family - 4


We know that winter can be freezing at times, but this is a bit extreme, don't you think? You don't have to be indigenous to the north to want to conquer the cold in Eskimo clothing. If you have a family that loves to bundle up like the Eskimos in...

Family Bike Ride - 3


It's time to pump up those tires and start showing off your new bikes! Whether you're training for a triathlon, or just enjoying a family bike ride, this personalized Christmas ornament is sure to pedal right up your tree this holiday season! 3.75" tall...

Family Bike Ride - 4


Is anyone interested in making all of your neighbors jealous? Just whip these stylish bicycles out of the garage and start pedaling up and down your street. To really rub it in, have a personalized Christmas ornament depicting the fun times hanging...

Family Bike Ride - 5


A bike ride for the entire family! You're guaranteed to look like the most hip family on the block if you're cruising the streets with these bicycle blazers! All you need to do now is immortalize the great times by hanging this personalized Christmas...

Family Movie Night - 4


The remote, the popcorn, and the Christmas sweaters! What else do you need for a great movie night with the family? With those sweaters on, we hope you're watching your favorite Christmas movie ever! We're assuming all four of you agree on the movies,...

Family Movie Night - 5


A movie night for five is like an angry bee in a hive. Either you agree on a drama, or there is going to be some serious trauma! If your family loves to argue about what to watch on Family Movie Night, then you'll want to pick up this personalized...

Family with Luggage - 3


Did you take a trip with the kid? Disneyland? Maybe taking a trip to Europe? Whatever the case may be, we're guessing that it was created enough great memories to justify an ornament on the tree to memorialize the occasion! 3.75" tall x 3" wide. Made...

Gnomes Couple


This mythical couple can't look you in the eye right now because they are hard at work guarding the earth's treasures! Let's hope those "treasures" are all the gifts they plan on handing out to all of their friends! This personalized gnomes ornament is...

Gnomes Family - 3


Is this family of gnomes busy sleeping on the bench, or are they protecting their fabulous garden? They certainly wouldn't want Santa's reindeer to trample over the new Christmas flowers they just planted! This personalized gnomes ornament is perfect...

Gnomes Family - 4


This family of gnomes is either practicing some Renaissance magic, or they have their eyes locked on their beautiful garden so that they can prevent Santa's reindeer from chewing up all the plants when they arrive and are waiting for Santa to deliver his...

Gnomes Family - 5


This legendary gnome family is hard at work guarding their crops from Rudolph and the rest of Santa's reindeer. They learned their lesson last year when they woke up on Christmas morning to find their garden decimated. If you are a family that loves to...

Gnomes Family - 6


Don't these gnomes have homes? We're assuming there is a reason that they all have their backs turned to us. Either they are not easy on the eyes, or they are just protecting the treasures in their garden from Santa and his hungy reindeer! If your...