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Personalized Artist Ornaments

If you give paint to a kid, be prepared for more than the canvas to get painted!  Our selection of personalized artist ornaments show just how messy the process can be.  We also offer a couple of different artist palettes as well!  The great thing about our personalized Christmas ornaments in this category is that there is no mess to clean up as we did all that for you!

  • Personalized Arts and Crafts Christmas Ornament


    Scissors, glue, paper, paint, crayons, and everything else you need for a wonderful arts and crafts project. Hopefully you won't get all crafty on us and create your own Christmas ornament! Please leave that to us! 3.5" tall x 3.5" wide. Made from...

  • Personalized Craft Project Boy Christmas Ornament


    Yikes! What a mess! The important thing to remember here is this young crafter is gaining valuable wisdom in the art world--while the parents are learning how to remove paint stains from the carpet! This personalized Christmas ornament makes a great...

  • Personalized Art Palette with Brush Christmas Ornament


    It's not hard to figure out that there is a true artist at work here! Anyone that can create a masterpiece by using only five colors deserves to be in the Louvre! This personalized Christmas ornament makes the perfect gift for artists of all ages, but...

  • Personalized Art Palette Christmas Ornament


    Forget the crayons and colored pencils. THIS personalized Christmas ornament represents serious art! If you know someone who takes art to the next level, then this ornament will make the perfect gift this season. Of course, that person will probably just...