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Personalized Santa Ornaments

Have no fear, because Santa is near!  He jumps from rooftop to rooftop and never misses a spot.  He sees children dreaming about toys, and he smiles just thinking about all of the upcoming joys.  He works his way through the night, and will be long gone before first light.  Thinking about all those that believe, gets him excited for the next Christmas Eve.  If you love everything about Santa, then we've got everyone covered from Seattle to Atlanta.  We have the best selection of personalized Santa ornaments that will get you to the warmer months!

  • Santa and Mrs Claus with List


    Double Trouble! If you thought it was tough to get on Santa's "good" list, think again! Now Mrs. Claus is checking names twice! And let me tell you something about Mrs. Claus--she's no push-over! If you have kids that need another pair of eyes on their...

  • Santa's Nice List


    He's making his list, he's checking it twice, he's now going to know who was naughty and nice! This personalized Christmas ornament will tell everyone for years to come! Warn the kids. If their name ends up on the "naughty" list, it may never come off!...

  • Santa with Big List


    The most dreaded list known to kids! Is this a "Good" list, or a "Bad" list? That is the big question you must decide when adding this personalized Christmas ornament to your tree this season. Based on Santa's happy face, we're guessing your kids are...

  • Santa's Lap Kid with Banner


    Now that the all-important visit to Santa has been documented, all your children need to do now is sit back and wait! In the meantime, get them excited for Santa's visit this Christmas Eve with this classic personalized Christmas ornament. It's...

  • Santa Holding Teddy Bear


    There are some gifts that are just too cute and cuddly to hide in Santa's bag of toys! If you have a child that just can't wait for Santa to arrive with lots of goodies each year, then this personalized Christmas ornament will look great on your tree!...

  • Santa Train


    All aboard the Santa Express! Either the reindeer are sick this year, or Santa is getting fed up with the cold temperatures at 30,000 feet! Actually, a long train can carry a heck of a lot more presents than a little sleigh. What took him so long to...

  • Flying Santa Magnet


    Apparently, Rudolph and the gang are taking the holidays off this year! With zero help from his lazy reindeer, Santa is having to step it up this Christmas and fly solo! My money is on Santa getting the job done and dumping his reindeer in the...

  • Folksy Santa Magnet


    Who said that Santa can't be a bit on the folksy side? This personalized Santa is bucking the traditional clothes and dressing the way he feels best! This Christmas ornament can hang from a tree or stick to the fridge! 3.5" tall x 2.5" wide. Made from...