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Personalized Golfing Ornaments


The sun is beginning to dry out the fairway as you stand in the tee box on the first hole and stare off into the distance.  It's a long Par 4 and it's going to take a monster hit in order to give yourself a good iron shot into the green.  You take a deep breath and pull out your brand new driver.  You hit it well at the range, but this is no longer practice.  You tee up your ball and address it with your club.  You pull back and let it rip.  As $5 golf ball sails to the right and finds a tree to rest behind, you are instantly reminded that you are not Tiger Woods, and if you happen to par a single hole today, it will be a good day!  Does this sound like you?  If so, a personalized golfing ornament might be the best way to show that you love golf without having to prove it on the scorecard!