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Would you like to add a greeting card to your order?

For only $1, you can have us write a brief message to the recipient (from you) on a quality Christmas card. Our cards are in the cute and whimsical theme, such as snowmen, Santa, and animals. Cards will be picked by us. We will do our best to select a card that best fits the general theme of your gifts. If you would prefer a religious card, a dog or cat lover card, just let us know in the Special Message box when typing your message.

To purchase a gift card just fill out the information on the right and add it to your Shopping Cart. If you plan on sending orders to more than one address, you will need to submit each order separately.

You will also be able to tell us whether or not you want the invoice included with your gift card. The invoice includes the same information as on the receipt that will be e-mailed to you immediately following your submission of this order (items ordered, prices, address, etc.). Your credit card number will NOT be on the invoice.

Greeting Cards


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