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INSTRUCTIONS FOR ADDING A PET(S) TO YOUR ORDER:  Use this page to select the pet(s) you would like to add to one of our ornaments that doesn't already have the option to add a pet.  Use the picture to decide which pet you want and then select the corresponding number or letter in the Drop-Down Menu for "Choose Pet #1".  If you are selecting more than one pet, then continue on to "Choose Pet #2" and so on.  When you select a pet, the "Choose Pet Name" field will appear so that you can let us know the name of the pet you would like us to add.  In the Special Instructions box, let us know the exact ornament in which you would like to add the pet(s). You must add your target ornament to your Shopping Cart separately.  If you have a specific placement of the pet(s) in mind, please let us know. Otherwise, we will place the pet(s) on the ornament in a way we think looks best.  Please be aware of the amount of space you have on your ornament.  In some cases, a last name may have to be sacrificed to make room for pets.


Extra Pets for Misc Ornaments


In the "quantity" field below, keep it at "Quantity 1" regardless of how many pets you are selecting.

It is $3.75 for each pet that you add.

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