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Great gift ideas for Hikers

Posted by PersonalizedFree on August 28th 2019

Great gift ideas for Hikers

As we roll into September, it is my personal favorite month for hiking. Living in the Pacific Northwest, there is never a shortage of new trails to explore! We just hiked around Mt. Baker a few weeks ago for the first time. Aside from the occasional complaining from the kids, it was absolutely beautiful. We have hoped to hit Mt. Rainier this summer, but there were just too many kids activities in the way. Once the kids head back to school in two weeks, it'll be open season until we really start getting buried with Christmas stuff!

I know a lot of you out there enjoy hiking, or at least know of someone that does.  Did you ever wonder what the perfect gift would be for someone that loves to hike? If you guessed "Christmas Ornaments" then you are absolutely 100% correct!  It's totally original and we guarantee it's something he or she doesn't have already!  Why take the chance and buy them a hiking stick they probably already have?  Or even a hiking hat? With a personalized hiking Christmas ornament, you can't go wrong!  Click on either of the pictures below to dive right into our Hiking category!  Have fun!

 Hiking ornaments  Female Hiker