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Graduation Gift Ideas

Posted by PersonalizedFree on May 15th 2019

Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation time has come around again and if you know someone graduating and are in need of the perfect graduation gift, here are some unique ideas!

Amazon Prime Subscription

This is one of the most useful gifts you can get them. The gift of free and fast shipping will come in handy when they're in need of textbooks, school supplies, dorm decorations, and even groceries.

 A Voice Controlled Assistant

In most situations, what graduates need most is a helping hand. With one of these smart voice assistants, such as the Google Home or Amazon Echo, they can easily play music, set alarms and reminders, and tons more!

Personalized Christmas Ornament

One of our many different graduate themed ornaments will make for a memorable gift! Every year during the holiday season, they can look back at this special moment!


A laptop will be beneficial for graduates in many ways. For research, essays, job searching, and even some down-time to watch movies, a laptop will come in handy. They're not always cheap, but they are an essential for students.


For walking between classes as well as studying in noisy areas, good headphones can be important. Make sure you get ones that fit the lifestyle of the graduate best. For example, if they're a runner, you might want to look for headphones that can withstand lots of movement. Wireless headphones are a great choice, making them easy to use without having the cord get in the way of things.

 College Gear

For students headed into college, it might be a good idea to stock them up on sweatshirts, hats, and other things to represent their school. Having some school spirit is great, especially on college game days!

 Concert Tickets

This summer, give graduates a gift of fun and relaxation! With their minds no longer stressing over finals, give them and their friend tickets to an upcoming concert to celebrate!

Transit or Gas Card

A transit or gas card is a very handy and appreciative thing for a recent high school graduate. It'll help them get around campus, head to school, and getting to and from summer jobs.