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Fun Things to do in the Snow!

Posted by PersonalizedFree on January 8th 2020

Fun Things to do in the Snow!

What to do, what to do! For the first time this year, snow has shut down the schools and that anticipated time to yourselves after Christmas break has been shattered thanks to the weather! Now, the young ones are unexpectedly home and looking for something to do. Parents can't deal with the insanity of it all! I mean, it was hard enough keeping the kids entertained during the break, now this? Luckily, we've got some great ideas to pass on to you that are guaranteed to keep your kids busy--and outside!

10 Fun Things to do in the Snow

  1. Go sledding! Get a sled, make a sled out of cardboard, and just go!
  2. Build a snowman. Roll some balls, big or small. Build a snowman together. Find rocks for eyes, twigs for arms, and wrap him up warm with a hat and scarf!
  3. Have a snowball fight! Show the kids how to make a snowball. Have target practice. Set up something to throw at and let the kids get some practice in throwing!
  4. Build a snow fort. Pack the walls together to build a safe place for hiding out! We have a brick mold builder (affiliate link) that the boys use in the sandbox and for snow!
  5. While you’re out shoveling the driveway or sidewalk, let the kids help! Or have them make their own paths… maybe a snow maze!
  6. Stomp through the snow and make footprints!
  7. Instead of making your own footprints, look for animal prints! Can you find rabbit prints? Squirrels? Deer? Discover what’s in your backyard! Not sure? Take pictures of the animal tracks and look them up together later.
  8. Get creative outside in the cold! Make it colorful!  All you need is water and some food coloring!
  9. After a fresh snowfall, go lay out in it and make some snow angels together. Make a whole snow angel family!
  10. And, this one will surely be a hit with my boys: Load. Dump. Scoop. Pour. Do it in the snow!