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10 Fun Things to do with Pool Noodles

Posted by PersonalizedFree on May 9th 2019

10 Fun Things to do with Pool Noodles

I was looking through Pinterest recently and came across some pretty cool things that you can do using pool noodles, and thought I would share!


1. Pool Noodle Lightsabers

A fun idea for kids!

Pool Noodle Lightsabers


2. Floral Arranger

This idea is so cute for an outdoor or indoor plant display!

Pool Noodle Floral Arranger


3. Pond/Pool Lights

These are so cute! Love how the shape is like a flower :)

Pond/Pool Lights w/ Pool Noodle


4. Boot Support

Have an issue with storing boots, since they tend to flop over? Quick and easy solution: Pool noodles.

Boot Support w/ Pool Noodles


5. Card Holder!

Perfect for younger kids who can't hold all their cards at once.

Card Holder


6. Beverage Boat

Fun for pool parties!

beverage boat


7. Pool Noodle Sprinkler

Such a clever idea!



8. Race Track

Make this race track with pool noodles for some fun racing!

Race Track


9. Golf Course

Perfect family backyard activity!

Golf Course


10. Pool Noodle Cactus Decoration

This was too cute not to share :)

Pool Noodle Cactus



And that's it! Get inspired with these 10 pool noodle DIY crafts and activities that will make your summer pop!