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New Baby Girl

The new parents are exhausted and having a wonderful moment with their new baby girl.  The nurse tells them that a dozen friends and family members are anxiously waiting outside.  The parents look at each other and position their new daughter for the rush of people that are about to storm in.  The nurse opens the door and smiling faces and tears immediately flood the room.  Everyone's talking about your new addition to the family and laughter echos throughout the entire maternity wing.  When everyone finally clears out later in the day, the only ones left in the room are the parents and the sleeping princess.  Their lives have changed forever.

  • Girl Holding Teddy Bear - Brown Hair


    Other than her parents, there is nothing that puts a bigger smile on your daughter's face than her favorite teddy bear and book! If only those easy things could keep that smile for another 18 years! Remember the good times this holiday season with this...

  • 2018 Baby Girl


    If you ushered in your new baby girl in 2018, then you certainly must have an ornament that indicates that! This personalized Christmas ornament will make a perfect addition to the top of your tree this year! 2.5" tall x 4.25" wide. Made from resin.