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Family of 2

Is a family of two cozy enough for you?  If kids are not in the picture yet, we have great opportunities in this category to add a pet!  Ready to have a kid or two?  Then search around, because we have those, too!  These affordable personalized family Christmas ornaments make great gifts for friends, newlyweds, and relatives!

  • Snowman Family with Tan Dog - 2


    Don't forget the puppy! Dogs are a big part of every family, so it's about time we included them on a family Christmas ornament! When your family pet sees his name on this personalized Christmas ornament, his tail is going to wag so fast that it'll...

  • 2016 Snow Couple with Hearts


    This happy snow couple rang in the new year with love, and now they're determined to close out 2016 with even more love! If you know a couple that had an amazing year, then this personalized Christmas ornament will make the perfect gift this holiday...