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Is there a specific ornament that you would like to add a face mask to?

During this crazy year of the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, it's only fitting that you may want to have us add a face mask to your ornament.  We already have several selections of family ornaments that already have face masks that you can check out in our "Covid-19 Ornaments" category here.

If you have an ornament in mind that isn't already part of our Covid-19 category that you would like to add a face mask to, this is the place to do it.  Starting at only $5 extra per ornament, we will hand-paint a white face mask on the ornament for you.  See below for detailed instructions on how to do that.  Note that if you are requesting to add face masks to more than one ornament, you'll need repeat one of these "forms" for each product.  


1. Add the ornament you would like to add a face mask to your Shopping Cart.  Make a note of the name of the ornament.  The name of the ornament is in large bold writing at the top of the page.  For example, the name of this product on this page is "Add a Face Mask."

2. Using the drop-down menu on this page, select the number of people that are on your ornament that need a face mask.  Families of 1-2 people are $5, 3-5 people is $7, and 6+ people is $8.

2. Next, locate the box that says, "What is the name of the ornament you want a face mask(s) added?"  You then need to type the title of the ornament that is in your Shopping Cart that you want a face mask added.

3. Once you have typed in the title, hit the ADD TO CART button.  Keep the quantity at 1.  

4. If you have multiple ornaments that you are adding masks, you need to repeat the entire process above.  You cannot add face masks to multiple products at the same time on this one form.

Notes:  Depending on the ornament, some face masks will only be painted, while others that have larger noses and embossed smiles will also have a cloth covering.  There are definitely ornaments that we cannot add masks to.  For example, if you are picking a reindeer family with large noses, that would not be possible.  For the most part, any "human" characters can have a mask.  If you have any questions about which products can have a face mask, please email us at 

Add a Face Mask


Before typing in your information below, please read the Instructions under the DESCRIPTION tab for complete details on how to add a face mask to your ornament.

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